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We Booked an Air Bnb, got the pup a sitter, got shop covered. Off we went, San Diego to Los Angeles in my 4 Runner 6am. After 3 hours of stop and go traffic we arrived to Loews Hotel and Straight to class!

I mean like class was back in session, trying to find the right floor and hall number, but was exhilarating at the same time! The hardest thing was prioritizing which lesson we felt would benefit our interests at the time. Many overlapped which created tension and anxiety in a person like me that wants to know everything (KNOWLEDGE SEEKER).

I got to get deep into the business, the producing side, and engineering side. Ascap did an excellent job hosting its guests. I mean it was brilliant. After the Second Day they had us all loosened up in the garden mingling and coming out of our shells like hermit crabs! I got to network and ask questions with some of the leading industry professionals and begin relations with other artist out of San Diego. MASSIVE!

As you may have now SEEN, the highlight of the expo was the opportunity Wyclef John and ASCAP were looking for. In the Middle of their set, they welcomed the crowd of musicians, songwriter, and vocalist on stage to showcase their talents! I mean if you like me this is what dreams are made of! I was in the middle aisle taking pictures with my the camera, when all of a sudden i heard the words “come on stage and catch a vibe.” I felt i had no feet and my body was suddenly lifted from God and carried me on Stage! I Couldn’t believe this was happening, I couldn’t believe I had practiced and prepared for a moment like this. I was Taken with so much emotion. I then placed my Camera on the podium and hit record.

These kind of moments make you rethink your life and help you realize everything you had to go thru to get where you are. It may not mean anything to anybody. But to me, I got to perform my hit Single “Love Like Mine” with WYCLEF JEAN! Yeah I cried, not there, but later. Imagine if i hadn’t been intuitive and not gone. How Different is my life now. To the outsider, not much. But to those of you that share my light, IM FUCKEN SHINING BABY!!!

I hope there’s something for everyone to take here. If you enjoyed this please leave a comment below what resonated with you. Thank you

-Sir Daniel

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